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STORY begins

"Azooms" came from Korean word, 아줌마[a:ju:ma:] which means madam or ma'am. And we, all Korean 아줌마s, are going to start our stories from here in Azooms.

We are always ready to introduce our own styles of Korean fast foods to takeout.

We believe our daily food is very important for our healthy life. And according to our life experience, we do know the delicious food makes our life happy.


Healthy Food, Happy Life~!

Happy Dining, Healthy Life~!

26 JUNE 2020

26 of June in 2020, we choose this auspicious day in our lives and launched Azooms to be a big hit legend of Korean fast food in Hong Kong.


宜家我哋都係已經準備好介紹我哋每個人的二, 三十幾年經驗的家庭韓國菜。

我們相信我們的日常食物對健康嘅生活好重要, 美味的食物令我哋嘅生活快樂。

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